Supporting industrial tourism in Villanueva

Supporting industrial tourism in Villanueva

May 25, 2023

Officials and personnel from the LGU Villanueva, accompanied by the candidates for the 2023 Miss Villanueva Pageant, recently embarked on a visit to SPI's Mindanao Power Plant.

The purpose of this visit was to gain valuable insights and benchmark the company's current best practices. This initiative aligns with the Villanueva Industrial Tourism Promotion Program, aimed at showcasing Villanueva as Northern Mindanao's prominent industrial hub.

Architect Paul Perocello, the Tourism Officer of Villanueva, commended SPI for its exceptional hospitality during the visit. He also acknowledged the company's unwavering commitment to operating a highly efficient, reliable, and responsible power plant. Furthermore, he emphasized SPI's significant contributions to the holistic development of the local community.

By fostering such collaborations between the public and private sectors, Villanueva endeavors to strengthen its industrial tourism sector. This partnership aims to highlight the technological advancements and innovative practices employed by companies such as SPI, creating a platform for knowledge exchange and inspiring further growth in the region.

Through these concerted efforts, Villanueva aims to position itself as a prime destination for industrial tourism, attracting visitors who seek to witness firsthand the transformative power of sustainable and responsible industrial development. By showcasing SPI's exemplary practices, the community hopes to enhance its image as a progressive and forward-thinking industrial center.

SPI continues to actively support and promote industrial tourism initiatives that bring economic prosperity and positive social impact to the region.