Strengthening partnership with EMB Region 10

Strengthening partnership with EMB Region 10

Mar 06, 2023

SPI, led by Jerome Soldevilla, COMREL Manager, and Neil Quijano, REHSS Manager, recently met with Regional Director Rey Digamo of the Environment Management Bureau (EMB) Region 10. The meeting focused on strengthening the partnership between the two organizations on various programs and projects aimed at attaining their shared goals of environmental protection and sustainable development.

SPI shared its efforts and initiatives towards environmental protection and sustainable development, including its climate action and mitigation, information, education, and communication (IEC) programs, carbon sink and reforestation projects, and circular economy innovations. The SPI team emphasized the importance of collaboration and partnership in implementing these programs and projects.

Regional Director Rey Digamo expressed his support for SPI's programs and projects and acknowledged the importance of partnership and collaboration in achieving their shared goals.

The meeting also discussed ways to enhance the partnership and collaboration between SPI and EMB. They agreed to collaborate in implementing projects that promote environmental protection. They also discussed projects that would have a greater impact on the environment and the community.

Both parties expressed their commitment to working together toward achieving their shared goals. With the partnership and collaboration between SPI and EMB, they hope to contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly future. The meeting concluded with a positive outlook on the future and a renewed commitment to work together towards achieving their shared goals.