SPI Welcomes the New Cadet Engineers for 2023-2024

SPI Welcomes the New Cadet Engineers for 2023-2024

Sep 01, 2023

We welcome the new batch of our Cadet Engineers!

Twenty-two young engineers have been selected following a rigorous and stringent recruitment process. They are set to embark on their journey as part of the 11th batch of CETs, participating in the SPI Cadet Engineers' Training (CET) Program for the years 2023-2024. They will be assigned to various SPI departments including operations, maintenance, and the chemical division, where they will undergo a transformative journey through comprehensive technical modules.

Our CET program stands as a testament to SPI's commitment to nurturing young talents. It not only equips these young engineers with practical knowledge and hands-on experience in power plant operations and maintenance but also paves the way for their enhanced employability and career growth. This initiative serves as a stepping stone towards a promising future, offering our trainees the opportunity to join the ranks of SPI's workforce as full-fledged employees.

Since 2010, SPI has had the privilege of training a total of 165 individuals. We take immense pride that 33 of them have been integrated into our organization and meaningfully contributing their expertise and passion to our continued success. The rest have found employment in related industries, likewise contributing positively in their respective fields of assignments.

A warm welcome to our newest Cadet Engineers, and here's to a year filled with growth, learning, and boundless opportunities!