SPI unveils SSHEE roadmap to 2026 and beyond

SPI unveils SSHEE roadmap to 2026 and beyond

Feb 27, 2024

SPI recently unveiled the strategies and direction of its Security, Safety, Health, and Environment (SSHE) Program during a SPI SSHEE Committee planning session under the theme "Building Stronger Employee Engagement for SSHE Excellence."

Led by SPI Plant Manager and SSHEE Committee Chair Dr. Carsten Evers, the one-day activity outlined the company's comprehensive roadmap for the years leading up to 2026.

A pivotal goal of the committee is to sustain the company's impressive safety milestone by achieving more than 16 million safe man-hours by 2026. This underscores SPI's unwavering commitment to ensuring a workplace environment that prioritizes the Safety and well-being of its employees.

As a recipient of the DOLE's most prestigious award on occupational health and Safety, the Gawad Kaligtasan at Kalusugan (GKK) in 2012, SPI will once again participate in the process aiming to reaffirm the company's outstanding contributions to the Safety and health of the SPI workers, the workplaces, and its communities.

The committee also rolled out new and continuing initiatives that include Safety Deputization, Fleet Safety Management, Safety Unit Activation, High 5 for Safety, Injury Prevention, and Dropped Object Prevention, reinforcing a more holistic approach to fostering a secure and thriving workplace.

Dr. Carsten Evers expressed confidence in the team's capability and urged active participation to enhance operational practices. Emphasizing the importance of maintaining a safe, healthy, and secure working environment, he highlighted the committee's dedication to surpassing mere compliance with regulations, manifesting a profound commitment to the well-being and security of SPI employees and service contractors.

SPI's SSHE Committee remains resolute in its dedication to fostering a culture of Safety, security, health, and environmental stewardship by setting high standards of organizational excellence. SPI aims to become a benchmark for workplace safety and well-being in the industry.