SPI's Upcycling Decorative Art Competition Inspires Creativity and Sustainability

SPI's Upcycling Decorative Art Competition Inspires Creativity and Sustainability

Oct 20, 2023

In an inspiring display of creativity and commitment to sustainability, around 17 SPI employees, contractors, and cadet engineers recently took part in SPI's Upcycled Decorative Art Competition, held at the Mindanao Power Plant.

The competition served as a platform to champion the concepts of upcycling and reusing waste materials. Participants were tasked with transforming discarded materials into decorative art pieces, emphasizing creativity and innovation. It also sets to promote the responsible use of company resources and encourage sustainable living practices.

Entrants showcased their artistic talents through a diverse range of creations, including sculptures, paintings, and product designs and the materials were sourced exclusively from within the power plant premises.

Organized by SPI's Resilience, Health, Environment, Safety, and Security (REHSS) Department, the competition forms part of the celebration of RHESS Awareness 2023. This initiative aims to foster and heightened awareness among all employees, consultants, and power plant contractors on the importance of REHSS in the workplace, and integrating environmental and safety considerations into the everyday operations of the power plant.

The Upcycled Decorative Art Competition not only encouraged a more sustainable approach to resource utilization but also celebrated the power of creativity to transform discarded materials into meaningful and aesthetically pleasing works of art. SPI values its commitment and dedication in promoting a greener and more responsible future.