Outstanding in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Outstanding in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Aug 23, 2023

On the occasion of the 49th anniversary of the PHIVIDEC Industrial Authority (PIA), SPI was once again in the spotlight as it received the "Best in Corporate Social Responsibility". This was the second consecutive year that SPI had been honored with the accolade, a testament to the unwavering commitment of SPI to social responsibility.

The recognition was given during the PIA locators’ night, one of the highlights of the PIA's anniversary festivities. PIA Chairman of the Board, Jesus Guevarra II, and PIA Administrator and CEO, Atty. Joseph Donato Bernedo, presented the award to SPI Power Plant Manager, Dr. Carsten Evers.

The PIA bestowed the recognition upon SPI, citing its "invaluable commitment and services which immensely contributed to the development and economic success of the PHIVIDEC Industrial Authority." It was a recognition of the profound impact SPI had on the community and the region at large.

Dr. Carsten Evers expressed his gratitude and emphasized the collective effort behind SPI's success in the realm of Corporate Social Responsibility.

The award is a testament to the collective contribution of SPI employees in bringing to life the tenets and principles of CSR. It affirms that SPI, throughout the years, has remained true to its commitment to responsible business practices, “with social responsibility deeply ingrained in our corporate DNA and the way we conduct our business."

In 2022, SPI initiated and implemented 42 programs and projects, engaging with 102 partner institutions and benefiting over 9,800 individuals across various parts of Misamis Oriental and neighboring provinces. A total of 72 employee volunteers contributed an aggregate of more than 15,000 volunteer man-hours to various CSR endeavors.

SPI's Community Development and Public Relations Department Manager, Jerome Soldevilla, cited that this award is a testament to the genuine care and commitment of SPI employees toward their community. It showcases how SPI, as a company, has consistently upheld its commitment to responsible business practices and the betterment of society.

With 225 industry locators and service firms under its umbrella, 59 in manufacturing, and 166 in service firms, the PIA plays a pivotal role in the region's industrial development. SPI's continued dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility stands as a shining example of how responsible businesses can positively impact the communities they operate in.

SPI once again proved that corporate success is not merely measured in profits but in the lasting positive impact, it leaves on society.

Congratulations to SPI on this achievement, and continue to shine as a beacon of responsible business practices and social responsibility in the years to come.