Exploring partnerships for sustainable materials regeneration

Exploring partnerships for sustainable materials regeneration

Feb 28, 2023

As part of our commitment to sustainable development, SPI is embarking on an innovative partnership with De La Salle University's College of Engineering, focused on developing geopolymer technology using circular innovation.

Circular innovation aims to restore and regenerate materials instead of treating them as waste. The DLSU study is set to provide a solution that promotes the use of waste materials to create eco-innovative products, such as geopolymer technology. Utilizing SPI's fly ash, a by-product of its power generation process, the team at DLSU is developing a geopolymer product that can be used as a partial or full replacement for ordinary portland cement.

The benefits of this technology are manifold. Aside from having low CO2 emissions, the products are more durable than traditional materials. The study of DLSU is supported by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), and we are proud to be part of this important endeavor toward a sustainable future.

“SPI is committed to supporting innovative research and development initiatives that help build a more sustainable future. This partnership is an excellent example of how circular innovation can lead to exciting new opportunities for sustainable development. We are excited to see the potential impact this study could have on the geopolymer industry in the Philippines and beyond,” said SPI COMREL Manager Jerome Soldevilla.

The geopolymer technology developed through circular innovation has the potential to revolutionize sustainable construction and building practices in the Philippines. SPI looks forward to following this study's progress and continuing to support innovative initiatives that promote sustainable development in the Philippines.