Commemorating World Coastal Clean-up Day

Commemorating World Coastal Clean-up Day

Sep 19, 2023

SPI, in collaboration with the Local Government of Villanueva, marked World Coastal Clean-up Day with a coastal cleaning initiative along the shores of the Mindanao Power Plant.

This endeavor, themed "Clean Seas for Healthy Fisheries: Sustainably Feed the Global Population," witnessed the active participation of 31 of SPI's long-term partners from VK and Davao Cavaliers. The primary objective of the activity was to underscore the critical importance of preserving a thriving marine ecosystem.

In the course of the clean-up effort, some 44 kilograms of litter were collected. The assortment of debris ranged from cigarette butts, and food wrappers, to grocery bags, paper cups, plastics, bottle cans, foam packaging, and diapers ---- all believed to have been washed ashore from neighboring communities.

Through this simple and collective act, SPI reaffirms its unwavering dedication to engaging in environmental initiatives and supporting the nation's ongoing cleanup endeavors. All in a concerted effort to safeguard our oceans and their invaluable resources.