At SPI, we make sure that business practices and strategies are sustainable. 

We believe that for us to succeed, we need to live by the principles of creating shared value not only through competitiveness but also by achieving results that simultaneously help improve the socio-economic condition of our communities. We measure our performance not only in terms of what shareholders and customers expect, but also in terms of the value we create in the society.

Gone are the days that social well-being was only the government's and the non-profit organizations' responsibility. Like many other companies, SPI ensures that it makes meaningful contribution to social progress.

We strive to create highly sustainable economic profits that benefit a larger community of which we are a part of. This is the philosophy behind creating shared value --- making sustainable prosperity for business and society.

In short, business sustainability is all about striking a good balance. Our economic success is intimately linked to the balance between our economic goals and our social and environmental responsibilities. 

We make sure the tenets of transparency and accountability are upheld as we commit to best practices in corporate governance through policies, aligned systems and procedures, and decisions that enable us to walk the talk. We put great emphasis on the highest levels of integrity and ethical business conduct, gaining the trust and confidence of everyone who has a stake in our business: shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, service providers and business partners, government regulatory bodies and community development partners.