SPI’s strategic priorities continue to focus on business and operational performance, employees’ health and safety, human resource development, protection of the environment, and contribution to nation building through countryside development.

Through the years, SPI continues to embrace the triple-bottom-line principle of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) where we achieve our business goals alongside the development of communities and the protection of the environment. This serves as a beacon that guides it in every decision it makes and in every action it takes.

Since the start of plant operation in 2006, SPI has continued to deliver its promise of providing a reliable supply of electricity in Mindanao. Apart from creating more value to the company’s shareholders, SPI also succeeded in addressing the growing electricity needs of the more than twenty (20) million Filipinos in Mindanao.

The health, safety, and development of SPI's human resource continue to be our primary concern. The achievement of more than six (6) million safe man-hours with zero lost time due to accident is a testament to our responsible leadership actions and dedication to provide a safe workplace.

We have in place a fair system of rewards and incentives while undertaking a comprehensive people development program that promotes both personal and professional growth and in the process nurtures and extends trust among our employees.

SPI sees to it that its power plant operation meets the requirements of regulatory bodies. With the use of appropriate technologies in pollution prevention, SPI has sustained a track record of zero violation of environmental laws. We have pioneered an on-line emission monitoring system that brought environmental transparency in the country to a higher level. We continue to take actions that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions through operational efficiency. We cut back on our carbon emission by sustaining a plant efficiency of 36%, which is higher than the global standard.

The company’s comprehensive social development program has reaped for us the distinction of becoming the preferred development partners and neighbor of choice.

We have worked with local partners in addressing community challenges in the areas of social services such as water and electricity, education, and public health. Our efforts to integrate the principles of CSR into our business strategies enable us to have a better view of what lies ahead for the company and for the communities where we operate.

We are confident that a brighter future is within reach for as long as the stakeholders continue to commit and work together for a sustainable future.