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Power Plant Operation

  • What is Coal?
  • Why use coal for electricity generation?
  • Where does the power plant get its coal?
  • Where does the Power Plant draw water for its operations?
  • Is the water level of the Tagoloan River affected by the water consumption of the Power Plant?
  • How is power generated from coal?

Environmental Protection

  • What environmental challenges are there that affect the use of coal in electricity generation?
  • What measures has SPI taken to address the concerns regarding pollution?
  • How are emissions controlled during the power generation process?
  • What are the measures taken to prevent dust in the air?
  • What are the effects of the Power Plant’s discharge on Macajalar Bay and its marine resources?
  • Does run-off water from the plant affect the groundwater or deepwells?
  • How can water contamination be prevented when unloading coal from the vessels?
  • What other actions has SPI implemented to protect the environment?

Our Mission

We are committed to:
Help provide solutions to the expanding energy demands of the country;
Conduct our business with honor, integrity and professionalism in the best interest of all our stakeholders;
Ensure optimum efficiency, reliability and safety in our operations through state-of-the-art technology and innovative processes in a culture of continuous improvement;
Meet the growth needs and aspirations of our people in a productive and collaborative team-environment;

Preserve mother-earth and help build self-reliant communities to uplift the quality of life of the people.

STEAG State Power Inc. (SPI) announces the successful completion of the preventive maintenance for its electric power generating unit # 1, days ahead of its self-imposed March 16, 2015 deadline. ... Readmore.